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Here's My 2024 Event Schedule - Magician Ryan Joyce

Welcome, friends and fellow adventurers, to my 2024 event schedule!

Ryan Joyce sitting in an empty theatre with the words "2024 Schedule"
Here is listing of events for 2024. More to come!


This year, I'm once again bringing my magic and comedy hypnosis show from the high seas on Celebrity Cruises to local events in Southern Ontario, the GTA, and beyond!

I hope you can join me along the way!


Ryan Joyce 2024 Event Schedule

Join me as we explore the unknown together, with magic as our guide.




Jan 1

8:30 PM

Jan 4

7:30 PM

Jan 5

7:30 PM

Jan 9 - Jan 24

Celebrity Reflection

Feb 3 - Feb 22

Celebrity Reflection

Mar 4 - Mar 20

Celebrity Reflection

Mar 22

7:30 PM

Apr 1 - Apr 17

Celebrity Reflection

Apr 25 - May 14

Celebrity Reflection

May 26 - Jun 10

Celebrity Reflection

Jul 1 - Jul 12

Celebrity Reflection

Aug 30

Aug 31

Sep 1

Sep 2

More 2024 Event Listings to Come


How to Hire Ryan Joyce

Learn more about event entertainment services:

  • Corporate Events: Elevate your next corporate gathering with a touch of magic that speaks to the imagination. Learn more here.

  • Theatre and Local Events: Find out more about how to bring this magic to your local theater or event here.

Click here to Book Ryan Joyce now for your upcoming event.

Ryan Joyce getting a standing ovation from a full theatre
I'll be on Celebrity Cruises Reflection for the first half of the year


Are You Interested in the Art of Magic?

Canada has a long history of nurturing talented magicians and leaders in magic.

If you are an aspiring Canadian magician, check out this post with resources.

It includes 13 Steps to Becoming a Magician, popular Canadian magicians, and information on joining a magician organization like the Canadian Association of Magicians.

Canadian association of magicians logo with maple leafs and theatre curtains

For those drawn to the art of magic and its secrets, I invite you to delve deeper into the art of magic with my blog, Magician Masterclass.

Magician balancing a glass of water on a playing card

Whether you're a budding magician or a curious mind, resources are available to guide you on your path.

Explore how to start your magical education here.


That's It – But the Magic Continues

I'm thrilled to meet many of you at a show, through a workshop, or as part of your special event.

Your support, curiosity, and enthusiasm are the true magic that fuels this journey.

Don't hesitate to hit the heart ♥️ button, share your thoughts and questions in the comments, or reach out to learn more about bringing a piece of this magic into your life.

Here's to a magical 2024 – may it be our most enchanting year yet!


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