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My Journey to President of the Canadian Association of Magicians (CAM)

The curtain rises on a new chapter.

a red theatre curtain outdoors with red Canadian maple leafs flying all around and the Canadian Association of Magicians logo in the background
I'm proud to announce I've been voted President of the Canadian Association of Magicians


Becoming CAM President

I am thrilled to announce that in September 2023, I stepped into the role of President of the Canadian Association of Magicians (CAM).

It's an honour to follow in the footsteps of Renee-Claude Auclair, whose leadership has been nothing short of legendary.


Historic Moments Under Auclair's Leadership

Under Renee's guidance, we witnessed a historic moment: bringing the FISM World Championships of Magic to Canada for the first time in its 77-year history.

This was a big deal-- and nearly a decade of hard work.

Until 2022, the World Championships had never appeared anywhere in North or South America.

FISM Quebec 2022 was the first time the five-day competition and convention crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

You can read my event coverage on CAM's blog here:

Her efforts have elevated our nation on the global magic stage and inspired a generation of Canadian magicians.


Why Do Organizations Like CAM Exist?

Magic is a unique art form--however, it has similarities with other relatable interests like sports.

Did you know that the art of magic has a World Championships?

The FISM World Championship of Magic represents over 100,000 magicians worldwide and recognizes the world's best every three years.

Until 1997, Canadian magicians were forced to compete under other countries' flags at the FISM World Championships of Magic. Until Joan Caesar founded CAM, there was no association to represent Canadians.

Since its founding, Canada represented several world-champion magicians.


Celebrating Canadian Magic

Our country has a rich history of magical talent.

From world champions like Shin Lim, who CAM sponsored in the 2015 FISM World Championship, two-time World Champion magician Shawn Farquhar and Greg Frewin, a FISM World Champion who continues to dazzle audiences.

These names are a testament to the thriving magic community in Canada and represent just one of CAM's mandates to support and nurture future world champion magicians.



Thank you for embarking on this magical journey with me.

If you're a Canadian magician, I hope you'll join CAM and be part of an organization dedicated to improving the art of magic and connecting our country to magicians like you.

If you share my passion for magic and excitement for the future, don't forget to hit the heart ♥️ button and share your thoughts in the comments.

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