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Ontario Magic Festival Events APPEARED

TIn October, as the pandemic was still casting shadows over live events we were thrilled have two sold-out Ontario Magic Festival shows. The OWOW Magic Festival is EXCITED to announce events again this year and recommend you subscribe for updates on

We held two events this year and are likely to host more next year. The Elora Magic Lounge took place on the last two weekends in Elora during Monster Month!

Both shows at the Elora Gorge Cinema sold out!

It's such a treat to be able to perform in my own community and not spend half a day on a plane! It doesn't help that Elora and Fergus in Centre Wellington are stunning year round and the most magical townships in Canada. Elora is home to the Canadian Association of Magicians!

The show was 55-minute magic and mentalism show that was just steps away from the monsters of Elora.*

The Elora Magic Lounge featured magician and illusionist Ryan Joyce and a level-seven wizard, Graeme "Graemazing" Reed. These two magicians have dazzled around the globe and hosted the popular magic podcast, Magicians Talking Magic Podcast.

They presented a jam-packed show filled with comedy, magic, mentalist and mind-reading!

At that time in early October 2021, theatres in Ontario had just returned to full capacity for fully vaccinated, masked individuals.

A perfect ending to an amazing day in Elora. Explore Monster Month, enjoy our area's incredible dining experiences and then experience pure wonder. Not to be missed!

Next year, come for the monsters, stay for the magic!

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