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Meet the Amazing Magician Dog: My Adorable New Co-Star!

Meet my new co-star. He's small and fluffy and thinks the stage is his personal chew toy! This is Whiskey, my adorable magician dog.

Magician's puppy sitting on the edge of a stage in a large theatre
Whiskey getting ready for his first show at sea


Introducing Whiskey, the Stage-Stealing Coton

If you've been following me for a while, you know I've been traveling the world " for nearly three decades "for work." Well, things got much furrier (and arguably, cuter) around here.

I want to introduce you to my brand new co-star – Whiskey!

Adorable puppy wearing a sailor hat and outfit sitting in the window of a cruise ship
Whiskey's first cruise ship!

Whiskey isn't your average stage assistant. He's a one-year-old Coton de Tulear and Havanese mix with a personality as big as his giant puppy dog eyes.

And yes, he's started joining me on stage!

At the end of 2023, he made his stage debut on tour and continues his adventures this year. March was a big month for Whiskey, his first flight, his first cruise ship debut on the Celebrity Reflection, and his first birthday.

Watch his first performance and some of the most memorable moments from 2023.

Where does he do his "business" on the ship? What does Whiskey do in the show? What is travel like? Let's take a look at these questions and more!


Whiskey Takes the Stage

Now, you might be wondering, what does a dog do in a magic show?

So far, Whiskey's been in charge of the grand entrance and nailing the "adorable puppy who just learned to sit" routine. We have a new piece of magic that he's being trained to perform.

Ever wondered about the training process for a little stage dog?

We have an amazing trainer at our home in Southern Ontario, and the first lesson is that we humans need most of the training.


These first few weeks onboard were dedicated to acclimating him to the ship, the stage, and the travel. Since he's only 10 inches tall, we are taking small steps-- filled with many treats and attention.

Over the coming weeks and months, Whiskey will be a part of the show more and more.


Whiskey: A Magician Dog Photos


The Challenges of a Doggie Travel Companion

Let's be real; traveling with a dog (especially one only a few weeks away from seeing every carpet as a possible bathroom) isn't always a walk in the park.

Thankfully, Whiskey is a very smart puppy.

The biggest challenge is separation anxiety. This little guy just wants to be part of all the action.

Whiskey is a very social breed. He's great with people and loves attention but always wants to be a few feet away. Spending many weeks at sea, I have lots of time and energy to dedicate to him.


Frequently Asked Questions (and the Answers!)

Here are the most frequent questions I got asked onboard:

  • Where does he do his "business?" There's a designated pet relief area on the ship, and nowadays, most airports have pet areas.

  • Can anyone bring a dog on a cruise? Nope! It's limited to service animals.

  • Can he get off at every port? International rules are strict. He needs clearance and a special health certificate to disembark in foreign countries. So, in short-- no. It's country-dependent.

  • What kind of dog is Whiskey? He's a Coton De Tulear and Havanese mix.


Whiskey's First Week: A Roaring Success

Whiskey's first cruise ship experience was a blast.

He's become a bit of a ship celebrity, especially after the show! Everyone knows him by name and is thrilled to get some "puppy time."

All the attention is going to his fluffy little head!

It's been a fantastic way to connect with other dog lovers onboard. It's amazing how much joy dogs bring.


That's It!

So there you have it – a sneak peek into my new life as a magician with a furry sidekick.

Stay tuned for more updates on Whiskey's adventures and growing role in the show, and come see us live!

If you have any tips for traveling with a dog or just want to gush about how cute he is, drop a comment and hit the ♥️ heart button below!

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