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I'm back travelling— something has changed.

After being mostly homebound for the past two years, I'm back on the road with an intense travel and performing schedule.

But things have changed.

Perhaps you've noticed something similar in your life.

Standing ovation from the audience for Magician Ryan Joyce
Magician, Hypnotist Ryan Joyce is back performing and travelling in full force.

First, I've never taken the gift of sharing my passion with an audience for granted. The idea of communicating and sharing an experience with 1300 people is powerful.

It's also addicting.

Throughout the pandemic, I never stopped performing, but it's the most consecutive days I've slept in my own bed since high school.

That's over twenty years!

Now, things are back in full swing and living the travel lifestyle again.

I'll continue to bounce back and forth to the South Caribbean, performing magic and hypnotic comedy shows on Celebrity Cruise Lines for the next several months.

Since returning, I've noticed a change.

Something I wasn't expecting.

Despite no major changes and presenting the same show, I feel the connection with the audience has changed-- it's amplified.

Perhaps it's a renewed sense of excitement, or maybe stepping away brought new clarity-- But it's changed.

I'm not the only professional entertainer who feels this way.

This morning I spoke with world champion magician and fellow Canadian Association of Magicians Board Member Greg Frewin, who resonated with similar observations.

"I feel a change, too," Greg said. "I've noticed a stronger connection with the audience. After decades in the industry, we became so focused on the work that we needed to step away to recenter."

I think he's right.

It reminds me of two notable quotes I thought worthy of your time-- hopefully, these will connect with you as much as they did for me.


“We remember, we rebuild, we come back stronger.” — Barack Obama.


This three-minute clip I filmed years ago with the legendary magician Walter Blaney-- it's called the four stages of becoming a professional magician.

You'll see it applies to any industry, profession or talent.

I'll leave you with Walter's wisdom.


That's It!

Thank you for reading!

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