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One year. No audience.

Updated: Mar 14

This past year hasn't been magical. With COVID-19 and the political divide, there is a constant level of worry. What a terrible year to celebrate 20 years as a full-time magician and entertainer. Pandemic! Ahhh!!! 20 years! Ahhh!!! Here's what changed for this magician.


  1. BIG PROJECT #1 Monster Month

  2. BIG PROJECT #2 Magic Festival Magic Special

  3. BIG PROJECT #3 Canadian Association of Magicians

  4. MAGICIAN PROJECTS (Are you a magician or fan of the art)

Poof! The Audience Has Vanished

I was on a cruise ship last January when the first COVID case was breaking in the United States. The cruise industry was in panic mode. Travel restrictions were changing overnight and I had friends who ended up stranded on cruise ships for months. (Read: My Last Cruise Before the Pandemic)

large stack of hotel key cards
This is some of my collection of hotel key cards from 'the old life.'

With the exception of one international round-trip flight to Central America, I didn’t travel at all in 2020.

I barely drove.

It’s the longest continuous time I’ve spent at home in twenty years.

I’ve always wanted to be more involved within my community and for all the pandemics’ negatives, home time was a huge win for this guy. There was also an abundance of opportunities to get involved. Almost overnight video production and livestreaming content became an essential tool for everyone.

We were all forced into ZOOMing, so what exactly does a magician do without an audience?

Here are three changes from the year that nearly killed magic

Last year was content crazy. There were many virtual events and projects (too many?) In addition to celebrating over 100 episodes of Magicians Talking Magic Podcast with Graeme Reed, here are three unique projects that I thought might interest you.


Magician Ryan Joyce Shares The Changes During the Pandemic


Pivoting magic to monsters

Elora Gorge during the fall is gorgeous and a great backdrop for magic
Elora Gorge during the fall is gorgeous and a great backdrop for magic

My township in Ontario is geographically unique. There’s a Grand River running through it and limestone cliffs that converge into this stunning gorge. Mother nature was kind to Elora & Fergus.

It’s also been a magnet for artists and creative types.

One of those artists is Tim Murton. Nearly twenty years ago, he started a local Halloween tradition that has grown to attract tens of thousands of people each year. Tim has created a collection of over seventy monsters that illuminate the downtown for the entire month of October.

It’s a tradition he’s continued every year-- except one.

Tim explained to me that one year he decided not to decorate the town with his Twilight Zoo creatures and he was surprised to have tourists knocking on his door looking for monsters.

It’s been a steady feature in Elora ever since.

A few years ago, Tim sold his collection of monsters to Sensational Elora, a non-profit organization that organizes year-round community events. They continued the tradition with the help of a few volunteers. Despite vandals who set fire and destroyed several ghouls, last year during COVID, 2020 was an incredible year for Monster Month.

I'm thrilled to share with you a look at the magic behind Monster Month in Elora, Ontario. You'll meet the amazing people and efforts behind Monster Month. Be sure and check out Monster Month’s website and better yet, get involved.

Visit and make a donation. Help this non-profit organization continue and make Halloween special for thousands across Ontario.

WATCH: Monster Mentary: The Story Behind Monster Month

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Two Canadian magicians making history

One of the projects closest to my heart is serving on the Canadian Association of Magicians Executive Board. CAM is one of only five magician societies in North America that is recognized by the World Championship of Magic (FISM).

The World Championship of Magic is magic’s equivalent of the Olympics. Every three years, the six-day convention and competition draw upwards of ten thousand people around the world and some magicians compete for the title of FISM Grand Prix Champion.

Each championship is presented in a different location but the World Championships of Magic has never come to North America since its founding in 1946.

It’s because of the Canadian Association of Magicians a historic decision was announced in Busan, South Korea that the upcoming 2022 FISM World Championships of Magic is in Quebec City, Canada.

A historic accomplishment at the hands of Joan Caesar, founder of the Canadian Association of Magicians and Renee-Claude Auclair founder of Club De Magic Du Quebec, Festival Du Magie and Canadian Association of Magicians President.

It's a proud moment for Canada and Canadian magicians.

To my fellow magicians: CAM continues to make bold new accomplishments for magicians and elevate the art of magic, join here.


Virtual Ta-Da's: Our magic festival's second year of surprises

Timing is everything. Just one year before the pandemic, in 2019, we presented our first magic festival called Ontario Week of Wonder Magic Festival in Fergus, Ontario.

October 25 - 31st is recognized as National Magic Week, a tradition that began in 1967 by the Society of American Magicians.

The Township of Centre Wellington has many rare connections to the world of professional magic and Elora is home to the Canadian Association of Magicians.

Our OWOW Magic Festival hopes to continue sharing and inspire new generations of magicians. In 2019 we debuted our first magic festival Halloween livestream. It's hard to believe, but we were the first-ever livestreamed magic show on YouTube.

Just two months before the pandemic our first festival had three parts:

  1. Magic Festival (for everyone)

  2. Magician Convention (for magicians)

  3. Halloween Livestream (for the world)

Oh, how things changed in 2020. COVID made our second annual OWOW Magic Festival entirely digital.

It was filmed over two weeks in October and featured five pre-taped segments with five incredible Ontario magicians in five unique locations throughout Centre Wellington.

I’m proud to share this with you.

Watch: OWOW Magic Festival 2021 Halloween Special

The Halloween Livestream ends with a tribute to Harry Houdini by escape-artist Scott Hammell who was suspended 80 feet upside down over the Elora Gorge bound in a straight-jacket and chains. Scott’s breath-taking escape was a stunning tribute on the backdrop of my community’s most cherished visuals.


Projects for Magicians

Here are some really unique projects for magicians!