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Why I Use Two Names on Stage: Ryan Joyce vs. Ryan David

Ever wonder why I perform under two names? Dive into the tale of magic, hypnosis, and a 10,000lb truck!

Discover the adventure behind Ryan Joyce and Ryan David.


Why I Perform as Two Different Names: Ryan Joyce and Ryan David

Hey friends! Today, I want to share why I perform under two names: Ryan Joyce for my magic shows and Ryan David for my hilariously hypnotic comedy show.

It's a short but fun story with adventure.

Let's flash forward to the drama.

The Magic of Two Names

Two shows, two different names. Why?

Unlike magic, hypnosis is not a trick. Although I've performed over 6,000+ shows worldwide, my early days were spent touring extensively across Canada.

Each year, we'd travel to 125+ live performance arts centers annually.

These shows were sold in-house, so we promoted, marketed, and filled every seat.

However, only half of these shows were magic shows, filled with illusions, tricks, and flashing lights.

Magician Ryan Joyce performing a large stage illusion
Magician Ryan Joyce appearing on Penn & Teller Fool Us Season 3

The other wasn't a magic show but a hypnotic comedy show. Hypnosis isn't a trick or illusion; it's a real science of the mind.

My long-time friend and mentor, who also performed as a magician and a hypnotist, gave me early advice: use two different names.

So, it's all about marketing.

To keep the magic and hypnosis shows unique and separate, we decided to brand them differently. Thus, Ryan David was born!

But don’t worry, it’s still the same weirdo—me!


How Major Drama in Manitoba Turned Me Into a Comedy Hypnotist

My very first hypnotic comedy show happened because of some major drama on the road.

looking through the rear view mirror at a large truck driving down the road
Fort McMurray, Alberta en route to Winnipeg just before the drama

I have to take you back to somewhere in Manitoba, en route to a small town outside Winnipeg where everything changed.

"We aren't going to make it," my tour manager said.

My tour manager and seven teammates were split into two vehicles on the road with 10,000 lbs of magic show equipment when our truck started acting up.

This would be the first time touring, and we had the real possibility of canceling a show.

Life on the road is riddled with drama. But I had a mantra:

"No matter what happens, the show is at 8 p.m." This phrase had become my battle cry after ten years of touring.

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Fifteen years ago, out of desperation, I stumbled onto the stage as a hypnotist. Life rarely gives you the easiest path, but sometimes, those unexpected detours offer the most incredible views.

Every detour is a new adventure, and I’m so glad you're joining me on mine.


Hypnosis for Change

Now, here’s a little secret: I got into hypnosis because of my struggles with weight loss.

Yep, I was trying everything, and nothing worked until I discovered hypnosis.

It helped me change my habits, set successful goals, and lose over 75 lbs, which I've kept off for over two decades. The only reason I step on stage as a comedy hypnotist is because of my early discovery of hypnosis for change.


Wrapping Up

So there you have it! I use the two names to distinguish my magic and hypnosis shows.

Whether I'm Ryan Joyce or Ryan David, I love entertaining you all and sharing my journey. Thanks for being part of my adventure, and I hope to see you at a show soon!

Stay magical (and a little hypnotized),

Ryan David Joyce


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