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Hypnosis is Fake, Right? A Comedy Hypnotist Debunks the Myths

Ever wondered if hypnosis is real? A seasoned comedy hypnotist sets the record straight.

Silhouette of a stage hypnotist on stage with bright red velvet curtains behind him
Is hypnosis fake? Stage hypnotist shares the real truth and debunks common myths

Debunking Hypnosis Myths

Have you ever seen a hypnosis show? 

If you have, you've probably witnessed some pretty incredible things. People clucking like chickens, singing opera on the spot, or forgetting their own names – it's enough to make anyone believe hypnosis is pure magic!

Biggest Takeaways:

  • Hypnotists don't have magical mind control powers – hypnosis is a collaborative state where you always remain in control.

  • You won't lose your memory or do things you truly don't want to do under hypnosis.

  • Hypnosis isn't just for entertainment! It's a powerful tool for unlocking your potential and creating positive change.

But after thousands of shows across Canada, on cruise ships, and on stages worldwide, I can tell you one thing for sure: hypnosis is far from a mystical trick

It's a fascinating science, and while the results can be jaw-droppingly funny, there's a real explanation behind them.

Now, after witnessing these "miraculous" things on stage, many people come to me with some pretty wild misconceptions about hypnosis. 

They hear stories of amazing transformations and assume it's all smoke and mirrors.  

Hypnosis is a powerful tool with real applications, and today, we're going to clear up some of the most common myths I hear after my shows!


Myth #1: Hypnotists have mind-control powers

Okay, let's tackle the biggest misconception head-on! While watching a stage hypnosis show can feel like magic, I assure you, I'm not some all-powerful wizard. 

A chess piece close-up with hypnotic spiral in the background and other chess pieces in the distance
Does a hypnotist have control over their volunteers?

Hypnosis isn't about bending someone to my will, forcing them to do or say against their wishes.

The truth is, hypnosis is a partnership.  

It's a state of heightened suggestibility in which you become more receptive to ideas, and your imagination takes center stage. 

Think of it like being engrossed in a really good book or movie – you're aware of your surroundings but also deeply immersed in the story.

My experience: Over the years, I've seen the most unexpected things happen on stage. These moments are surprising, even to the volunteers themselves!

That's the beauty of hypnosis—it helps people tap into their potential in ways they never imagined.

Sometimes, you even get those moments where a suggestion doesn't seem to "take."

Recently, I had a lady on stage who had been hypnotized many times before. I suggested that when she hears music, she'll believe she's a famous celebrity and dramatically act out the song. 

The music played, and... nothing!  

I approached her and asked if she was a celebrity, and she playfully replied, "Only in my dreams, honey!"

Huge laughs from the audience!

See? Even under hypnosis, you retain a sense of self and are not being forced to do anything.


Myth #2: You'll lose all awareness and control onstage

A lot of people worry that hypnosis means blacking out, becoming an empty-headed puppet dangling from my strings.

man on stage with puppet master strings moving his limbs on stage with red velvet curtains and stage lights
Are the volunteers on stage being controlled by the hypnotist

While the amazing stage scenarios and impromptu dance numbers might look wild, rest assured—those volunteers aren't mindless robots!

The truth is that you remain aware of your surroundings throughout a hypnosis session. You'll remember what happened and always have the power to resist any suggestion that feels wrong or uncomfortable.

It's NOT about losing control. It's about consciously letting your imagination run free!

My experience: With every successful hypnosis show, two shows are happening simultaneously.

One show for the audience and one for the volunteers.

As a hypnotist, I prioritize ensuring everyone onstage feels safe and respected. I constantly check in with the volunteers, ask how they feel, and remind them of their potential.

You'll often hear me say things like, "You're an amazing individual who can do amazing things," or, "If at any time you're not in a comfortable position, simply find a comfortable position."

Sometimes, the shows involve imaginative journeys, while other times, I'll incorporate elements from the audience or the venue for a real-time, interactive experience.

The key is that the volunteers are always in the driver's seat, even while embracing the fun and unexpected.


Myth #3: Only weak-minded people can be hypnotized

This is probably the most insulting myth out there!

The idea that being hypnotized makes you feeble or gullible couldn't be further from the truth.

Stage hypnotist with volunteers around him and a full audience
Can only weak-minded people be hypnotized?

In fact, suggestibility is a completely normal human trait, and some of the best hypnotic subjects are intelligent, strong-willed, and open-minded.

Think of it like this: hypnosis requires focus, imagination, and a willingness to let go a little. These are qualities found in confident, successful individuals!

It's about trusting the process and allowing the power of your mind to surprise you.

My Experience: Over the years, I've hypnotized thousands of people from all walks of life – doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers... you name it! I've seen highly analytical people become brilliant comedians under hypnosis and reserved individuals transform into the life of the party.

In fact, one of my most memorable shows featured an 89-year-old man as the absolute star! Age, job title, personality—none of that determines how well you respond to hypnosis.

It's all about being open to the experience and letting your imagination lead the way.



So there you have it! Hypnosis demystified (at least a little bit).

Stage hypnosis is all about unleashing the power of your imagination, exploring your potential, and having a lot of fun along the way.

It's NOT about mind control, losing yourself, or doing something you'll regret.

If the idea of experiencing it yourself intrigues you, come see my next show! You might discover a hidden talent or tap into a newfound confidence.

And if you're interested in the power of hypnosis beyond the stage, check out my selection of hypnosis audio sessions designed for relaxation, personal growth, and more.

The mind is fascinating, and hypnosis is one amazing way to unlock its incredible potential.


That's It!

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