Ryan Joyce performing onstage at a corporate event in Vancover, British Columbia
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Magician with the imagination of a filmmaker

As seen on YouTube, Penn & Teller's Fool Us, and theatre tours around the world.

Entertainer, Content Creator & Producer


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Ryan Joyce live-onstage performing for an audience of over 1500
Ryan Joyce is an acclaimed magician, speaker and entertainer, as seen on Penn & Teller's Fool Us, Canada's Got Talent, Sony Pictures and executive producer, Ontario Week of Wonder OWOW Magic Festival, Magician Masterclass,Vice-President of the Canadian Association of Magicians, content creator with 10+ million views and co-host Magicians Talking Magic Podcast. 

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Magician Ryan Joyce selected company credits

"Wonderfully done man! 

- Penn Jillette

"Damn Impressive!"

- Martin Short

"Holy Moses! You're a star!!!"

- Jann Arden

"A world class


- The Canadian Association of Magicians


- Derren Brown

Magician Ryan Joyce on Penn & Teller Fool Us performing Eclipse Illusion


Penn & Teller Fool Us Logo
Penn & Teller reacting to Ryan Joyce's performance
Teller and Ryan Joyce discussing magic secrets
Ryan Joyce sitting on stage with an empty theatre behind him

Ryan Joyce is a Canadian magician who wears many top hats.


Ontario-based magician Ryan Joyce is a headlining magician, illusionist, hypnotist, filmmaker & content creator.

By air, land and sea, Ryan has travelled the globe entertaining audiences


For over twenty years, Ryan Joyce has maintained a very intense touring schedule with his theatre production featuring illusions like the famous levitation and sawing a person in half.  He has performed in over 160 cities and towns in twelve provinces across Canada. 

Ryan Joyce performing with a large theatre audience behind him
Ryan Joyce performing magic, making  a paper rose float in mid-air
Ryan Joyce performing a card trick in the middle of a theatre audience

Television Appearances & YouTube


You may have seen illusionist Ryan Joyce on season three of the hit CW television show Penn & Teller Fool Us.  Ryan also appeared on Canada's Got Talent where he made top 3% and his original magic and filmmaking has been seen by over ten million people on YouTube and Facebook

A Worldwide Entertainer


For two decades, magician Ryan Joyce has headlined theatre tours and performance arts centres around the world.  He is heavily relied on to provide unique and innovative performances for events, corporate functions, and special event planners from coast to coast.  Worldy-travellers and cruisers may run into Ryan Joyce on Celebrity Cruises or Norwegian Cruise Line where he is a featured guest entertainer.


The Canadian Association of Magicians calls Ryan Joyce "A world-class entertainer" and Martin Short hailed Ryan's performance on Canada's Got Talent as "Damn Impressive!"

A magician with Canadian roots 


Ryan Joyce calls Southern Ontario home.  From Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, Toronto, Hamilton region you can bring world-class entertainment to your local Ontario event. 


Ryan is a popular choice for corporate entertainment because the level of intrigue he and his magic bring but also the combination of magic, mentalism and comedy is both hilarious and appropriate for all ages, all groups.

Ryan Joyce taking a bow on stage with a large audience starting a standing ovation

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