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Ryan Joyce is a Canadian magician who wears many top hats.

Ontario-based magician Ryan Joyce is a headlining magician, illusionist, hypnotist, filmmaker & content creator.


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As seen on Penn & Teller's Fool Us, Canada's Got Talent, Over 8 million views on YouTube & Facebook, CTV, BBC and theatre tours around the world. 


A magician with the imagination of a filmmaker.

Ryan Joyce is a Canadian magician, hypnotist & entertainer.

As seen on Penn & Teller Fool Us, Canada's Got Talent, CTV, BBC, and theatre tours around the world.


Television Appearances & YouTube

You may have seen illusionist Ryan Joyce on season three of the hit CW television show Penn & Teller Fool Us.  Ryan also appeared on Canada's Got Talent where he made top 3% and his original magic and filmmaking has been seen by over 8 million people on YouTube and Facebook

8+ million views

on YouTube & Facebook

Check out rayan utube, nope ryan utube.

He's been everywhere!

Seriously, Ryan Joyce has driven across Canada 13 times.  

For 13 years, Ryan Joyce maintained a very intense touring schedule with his theatre production featuring illusions like the famous levitation and sawing a person in half.  He has performed in over 160 cities and towns in all 12 provinces across Canada.  From British Columbia & Ontario to Nova Scotia & Newfoundland.  The only two places in Canada he hasn't entertained are the territories.  (But he'd love too!)


See some of Ryan's international travel here


One thing in common.

From remote towns to the bustling metropolises, what remains constant at any live-event or function is the audience. Their enjoyment and their expectations. Magic automatically adds a level of excitement that can't be duplicated in other forms of entertainment.  Everyone loves magic.  A seasoned entertainer like Ryan adds layers to their show for ultimate impact in almost any space where an audience can assemble. 


The imagination of a filmmaker

Not only do Ryan Joyce's theatrical performances include magic, mentalism and sleight of hand, but are also spontaneous moments of hilarious comedy, audience participation and video integration.  Live camera feeds and post-production video elements are woven throughout the show and guarantee no one misses the action. 


A Worldwide Entertainer

For two decades, magician Ryan Joyce has headlined theatre tours and performance arts centres around the world.  He is heavily relied on to provide unique and innovative performances for events, corporate functions, and special event planners from coast to coast.  Worldy-travellers and cruisers may run into Ryan Joyce on Celebrity Cruises or Norwegian Cruise Line where he is a featured guest entertainer.


The Canadian Association of Magicians calls Ryan Joyce "A world-class entertainer" and Martin Short hailed Ryan's performance on Canada's Got Talent as "Damn Impressive!"


A magician with Canadian roots 

Ryan Joyce calls Southern Ontario home.  From Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, Toronto, Hamilton region you can bring world-class entertainment to your local Ontario event.  Ryan is a popular choice for corporate entertainment because the level of intrigue he and his magic bring but also the combination of magic, mentalism and comedy is both hilarious and appropriate for all ages, all groups.


Executive Director




Resources for magicians and magic enthusiasts

Some of the best magicians in the world have called Canada home. Do you recognize these famous Canadian illusionsts names? (Names open in Wikipedia) Doug Henning, James Randi, and modern magicians like Shin Lim and Darcy Oake   (Click here for a fullist of on Wikipedia)


And for hypnotists, while not Canadian, Reveen became wildly famous in Canada and Canadian Television (Google "Ricky Reeven") He loved Canada and his son, who continues his fathers performances, lives in Atlantic Canada. 

If you're interested in becoming a magician I couldn't recommend Jay Sankey's YouTube channel enough. He's an incredible magician and teacher. (Also, Canadian)


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Fergus, Ontario Canada


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