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In Session with Darren Walters Podcast

I was invited to record with Darren Walters for his podcast In Sessions with Darren Walters. He interviews entertainment industry related folk from stage, film and production. Darren is no stranger to the industry. He works extensively in production, promotion and performing. Listen the podcast (below video.)

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Ryan Joyce on In Sessions with Darren Walters:

Growing up in the entertainment industry, Darren is comfortable in many areas of the industry. Promoter, producer, technical director, audio engineer, and of course musician and performer. Darren's podcast covers a diverse range of topics that all point to the entertainment industry.

It's a topic he's very comfortable discussing because of his own illustrious career in the business.

Here's a quick excerpt:

Darren Walters has spent his life in the music industry. As a musician he has performed with some of Canada's best including Shania Twain, Tommy Hunter, Rita MacNeil, Jason McCoy and The Walters Family. As a producer, engineer, promoter and technical director.

I have known Darren and his family for years.

Very early on in my career the Walter's Family invited me to be a part of their annual Christmas show at the Brantford Sanderson Centre. It shows you how long ago we met, I've hit the Sanderson Centre stage probably two dozen times or more times since that first performance.

I've also bumped into Darren's brother, Bradley Walters several times in random places around the world. Most recently in San Juan we walked right past each other the day before boarding the Celebrity Summit.

musicians performing on stage with colourful haze, smoke and lighting.
Darren Walters on stage at the Walters Family Theatre in Bright Ontario

There are a lot areas our lives overlap. My life however is completely vapid of any music talent whatsoever.

The Walters Family are essentially unicorns. There is something incredible about each of them. Together they pool their magical powers together and bundle it all into a picture-perfect farm in Bright, Ontario called the Walters Family Theatre.

Check this out:

What a dream. I can't imagine how much grass has to be cut and snow plowed but the idea of making your own coffee and performing in the same place feels like winning the lottery. A lottery that requires several people's full-time efforts. Did I mention it's a dinner theatre that they've been selling out for over 20 summer seasons?

See what I mean, unicorns.

Seriously, you must check out them out:

A big thanks to Darren for having me on his podcast! Go listen now.

About the Walters Family

The Walters Family are a dynamic group of entertainers who have made country music their lives. Performing around the world in Theatres, Concert Halls and Cruise Ships, they have enjoyed success as television and recording artists highlighted with their own recent performance at The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville! If you love smooth harmonies, great country music and lots of laughs, you’ll love this show! It’s a true Family experience like no other!


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