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Every October this village in Ontario gets invaded by Monsters...

Halloween is my favourite holiday. My township has a reputation for Halloween because of this one artist's vision.

I’ve been working around the clock on projects during COVID-19, essentially switching to a full-time content creator. This is one of the projects I'm very excited to share with you.

It's really something unique.

My community rests on a particular stretch of two converging rivers in Ontario that have carved stunning landscapes and especially photo-worthy during the autumn season.

This area has been a magnet for incredible artists, like Tim Murton

Over a decade ago, Tim Murton, started a Halloween tradition he called Twilight Zoo that is now in its eighteen-year.

Monster Month, as it's called now, hosts multiple events (more pre-covid) through October and has transitioned to the hands of local non-profit, Sensational Elora.

What began with four ghouls has grown into a swath of over eighty monsters that now invade the village of Elora every October, thanks to Tim Murton and the tireless work of Kirk McElwain.

(WATCH) MonsterMentary: A Monster Month Documentary Preview

In the spirit of Halloween and the new restrictions under COVID, I wanted to help share the story of the monsters, the people who make it happen and the journey of Monster Month.

It is a thirty-minute behind the scenes look at Monster Month that will air online at and locally on YourTV Cogeco.

Here are a few images from filming and production:

Make sure and tune-in and watch here:

Please consider making a small contribution to support the future of Monster Month. It’s organized by a very small team of volunteers from Sensational Elora, a non-profit organization that does great work all year long.

Monster Month is seeking your support, visit


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