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An Unexpected Surprise for this Hometown Magician!

An update on last month's Groves Memorial Hospital fundraising magic show with the Fergus Lions Club, plus a really unexpected surprise from Margaret Murray, Fergus Lions Club President. Check this out!

This week has been filled with surprises*

I’m bouncing back and forth from sea to home, spending more time in airports than usual.

This week I’m home and had a wonderful visit with my friends, The Fergus Lions Club.  I was looking forward to sharing my own news* but my excitement was to learn how much we raised for the hospital.  I’m pleased to announce we contributed over $11,000+ to Groves Memorial Hospital Foundation!!

A million thanks to Lion Margaret Murray for her own wizardry!  We sold out one show and 80% the second.  I’m so proud to be apart.  Thank you all.

I couldn’t be happier to live in a community filled with such much to give. 

Ms Murray had another surprise!  While normal Lions Club business agenda was taking place an award was announced and I was looking around the room to see who it could be.  Never in a million years did I ever consider it was directed to me.  I’m still speechless.

This is the Melvin Jones Fellow.

As a Melvin Jones Fellow, your name has been added to our listing of all individuals in the program.  During your next visit to International Headquaters, I invite you to visit the LCIF Room to see your name on this extensive list.

And the final passage in the letter:

Wear your Melvin Jones Fellowship lapel pin with pride.  It represents your dedication to humanitarian service to the highest degree.  Thank you for your continued dedication and support to LCIF.

Wow! I’m blessed.

This touching gesture plus we raised over $11,000+ for the new hospital! Wow!

Thank you all.

*  I have a few surprises to announce soon.  I’m very excited to share the details publicly soon.


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