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I pressed record on my camera and as if by magic this happened...

Yesterday morning was foggy and fall colours and beautiful sun. Heaven. I press record and literally Fergus' blue heron flew right into frame.

I'm coming to learn our community has names for these birds? (Elora Swans too) is this right? Does anyone know? Let me know in the comments.

Pssstt... are you a local Fergus & Elora business owner?

On Oct 15 at the Fergus Grand Theatre I'm speaking about filming the TV show, a life traveling the globe as a magician & hypnotist and what we're trying to accomplish in Fergus. This is a business networking event (a pub craw networking event!) and I'm going to share exclusive video footage! Really fun stuff! Come out, drink, be entertained and be social with other local small businesses. (Magician is a small business too!) 25$ hosted by Business Centre


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