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Recording with the Discourse in Magic Podcast

Recently, this wandering magician stopped in and chatted magic business with host of the Discourse in Magic podcast, Jonah Babins. He has an incredible podcast for magicians seeking knowledge outside of tricks. I took the opportunity to make our big announcement for magicians in Ontario. Watch and listen below:

It took an incredibly stupid amount of time to make this afternoon happen with Jonah. Easily several months and I'm to blame. I'm a slave to my calendar.

Listen here to the podcast and check out the Discourse in Magic website. Make sure to subscribe to his podcast on your favourite player if your a magician or enthusiast at heart.

Listen to Ryan Joyce on Discourse in Magic Podcast here:

Here is a video preview of the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

Here is what I shared with Jonah. The big news.

I'm super excited to announce OWOW. There are so many layers-- it's bigger than any other project I've produced. We want to make this a very magical experience. Afterall, it's in this incredibly magical place (below)

Here is a 60 sec video of Elora & Fergus, where the festival is held:

Did you listen to the podcast? Ask me your questions, I'll respond in the comments below.

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