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How A Corporate Magician Transformed Toronto's Beanfield Centre Event

Discover the enchantment of corporate events with a case study of Ryan Joyce, a corporate magician who captivated audiences at CPAC’s 20th Anniversary at Toronto’s Beanfield Centre.

It is an event filled with magic, celebration, and unforgettable memories.

A split image with a corporate audience on one side and Beansfield Centre on the other
CPAC’s 20th Anniversary at Toronto’s Beanfield Centre

The Unique Charm of a Toronto Corporate Magician

Imagine an evening where the air buzzes with anticipation, the lights dim, and a hush falls over a crowd of 800.

This was the scene at the lavish Beanfield Centre at Exhibition Place in downtown Toronto, set for the 20th Anniversary celebration of CPAC (formerly Chinese Professionals Association of Canada). (1)

This monumental gala and prestigious landmark event was hosted for seven hundred guests, dignitaries and both Canadian and Chinese government officials who joined us to commemorate. It was an evening of distinction that needed to be unforgettable!

a conference room filled with attendees at tables waiting for corporate event entertainment to begin
An evening of magic is about to get started at CPAC's 20th Anniversary at Toronto's Exhibition Place.

What unfolded was an event that transcended the usual corporate gathering and ended with a spectacular touch of magic.

As I stepped into the role of a corporate magician for CPAC's 20th Anniversary at Toronto's Beanfield Centre (2), I knew this was no ordinary gig.

Banners of Magician Ryan Joyce outside the entrance of a Toronto conference centre
Our banners setup outside the Beanfield Centre (formerly Allstream) at Exhibition Place in Toronto

The venue was buzzing with government dignitaries and community leaders.

The air was thick with expectation, and I felt a thrilling responsibility to make the night unforgettable.

A Night to Remember

The CPAC's 20th anniversary was more than just a celebration; it was a testament to the organization's journey and accomplishments.

As guests mingled, they were surrounded by an ambiance of sophistication and cultural richness.

Representatives from all levels of the Canadian government, the Consulate of China, and notable community figures added to the evening’s grandeur.

Testimonial letter congratulating corporate magician Ryan Joyce for his incredible performance

The feedback I received from the client and guests was nothing short of overwhelming.

The CPAC organizers shared that they were looking for something unique, something that would genuinely captivate their distinguished guests.

From what they told me afterward, it seems we hit the mark!

Corporate Magician Ryan Joyce with his onstage partner striking a dramatic pose
Our team provided a full illusion show for the event at Exhibition Place Toronto

During my mainstage performance, I watched a sea of astonished faces. The gasps and applause were my cues; I knew we had created something special.

But it wasn't just about the tricks or the illusions.

It was about connecting with the audience and sharing a moment of pure wonder and joy for this truly spectacular event.

I was thrilled to be the headlining entertainer for such a significant corporate event.

Beansfield Centre at sunset
Beansfield Centre at Exhibition Place in Toronto


Magic on Stage and Beyond

My involvement extended beyond the stage.

At the press conference, I had the opportunity to interact more personally with the attendees, leaving them with small tokens of magic to tease the upcoming event.

I crafted custom social media content that, according to the organizers, brought an extra layer of excitement and engagement to their online community.

Services Rendered:

  • Press Conference Performance

  • Custom Social Media Content

  • 45 min Mainstage Illusion Show

On the performance day, my team loaded into the Beanfield Centre at Exhibition Place, coordinated with the technical team, and presented the show-stopping spectacle they deserved!


Reflections and Revelations

The feedback from the guests post-event was incredibly heartwarming.

"Simply put, Ryan's show was pure amazement! He and his team delivered a world-class, magical extravaganza that our guest and VIP's still talk about!"
- CPAC (formerly Chinese Professionals Association of Canada)

They spoke of how the magic added a layer of sophistication and entertainment that was unique and memorable.

One guest mentioned, "It wasn't just a show; it was an experience that connected us all!"

To me, this was the real magic of the evening.


A Concluding Spell

Reflecting on the event, it was clear that what made this night truly special was not just the performance itself but the entire journey leading up to it and the collaboration with the client to make this event spectacular.

From the outset, I was committed to providing a wide range of services that exceeded the usual expectations. Consulting closely with the CPAC event organizers and team, I tailored my content to build excitement and anticipation for the event.

It was a collaborative effort, where every detail was crafted to enhance the overall experience.

To see the audience's reactions – the awe, the smiles, the sheer amazement – was incredibly fulfilling.

It was not just about showcasing magic tricks; it was about creating an immersive experience that truly wowed the audience.

This event was more than just a performance; it was a testament to the power of magic in transforming a corporate event into an extraordinary experience.

If you're curious about the range of services I offer for corporate events, click here to learn more about my corporate services. And if you’re ready to bring this magic to your next event, click here to book me now.

Let’s create something unforgettable together.


  1. CPAC (formerly Chinese Professionals Association of Canada) Official Website: For background information on CPAC and its mission.

  2. Beanfield Centre at Exhibition Place Website: For venue details and amenities.

  3. Hiring a Corporate Magician- For insights into the role of magicians in corporate events.


That's It!

And that wraps up our event at the Toronto Beanfield Centre.

If my story has inspired you to add a magical touch to your next event, hit the heart ♥️ button, leave a comment, and share this post with others who might be looking for that special spark.

Thanks for reading!


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