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Are magician organizations dying?

Magicians organizations around the globe face the same problem as service clubs and nonprofits, dwindling membership. The COVID era is adding to the struggle. Join us for a sneak-peak.

The Canadian Association of Magicians has a vision for the future of magic.

What does the future of magician associations look like?

Over the past eight months, a small but might team of magicians have been reinventing the Canadian Association of Magicians. We’ve been calling CAM 2.0 and we are hosting an event this Thursday, October 22, 2020, at 7:00 pm EST to share our vision with you.

We asked three main questions:

  • What do magicians need from a magician association?

  • What tools can CAM provide to support the future of magic?

  • How can CAM inspire the next generation and grow membership?

Join us for a sneak preview, meet the team, the tools and learn more about the Canadian Association of Magicians 2.0. This is a free, one-hour event for magicians in Canada and around the world.

All are welcome!

RSVP Now for a front-row seat:

We recently chatted with some of the team members on episode eight-five of Magicians Talking Magic Podcast, if your pumped to learn even more before Thursday’s event, listen below.

Magicians Talking Magic Podcast Episode 85 “These Magicians Have ONE Goal…”


Magicians, I'll see you Thursday!

- R

PS: There are three huge projects I’ve been working on that will debuting October. They involve Monsters, Halloween and a little magic. Subscribe to the blog to get notified of important updates and posts!

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