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Today is World Magic Day-- here are secrets I can reveal!

It's World Magic Day!

What better way to honour a day celebrating the art of magic than by revealing a few secrets? In this post, you'll find the World Magic Day greeting from FISM President Andrea Baioni, plus details for our magic festival in Ontario this fall, 2022.

World Magic Day is September 2, 2022

World Magic Day!

Today magicians around the world celebrate World Magic Day #worldmagicday

For Canadian magicians, there are many reasons to celebrate! This has been a historic year with the FISM World Championship of Magic happening in Quebec City. The "Olympics" of magic has been presented from Japan to the United Kingdom but never appeared on this side of the world.

But this year-- that all changed!

One of the big announcements in Quebec City at FISM Quebec 2022 was revealing the new FISM International President, Andrea Baioni. Here he shares a message about World Magic Day on the FISM International Facebook Page.

Baioni describes World Magic Day as "the day we celebrate magic as an art of entertainment" and continues with a message for magicians, "As magicians, we have the mission to help people believe that nothing is impossible."

Happy World Magic Day!

There are many ways you can enjoy the art of magic this fall, which brings me to reveal some secrets!

I'm happy to announce events where you can watch magic live this fall, including the Ontario OWOW Magic Festival 2022 events!

Magic Shows & Events this fall

I'll be participating in and producing many upcoming magic events, family magic shows, mainstage events, and lectures for magicians.

Here are events in September.

September 12 & 13 - Two Magic Club Meetings (MAGICIANS)

I am thrilled to spend two evenings with my fellow magicians this September in Hamilton and Buffalo. I'll be lecturing on tricks, tips, and suggestions for becoming a better all-around magician.

September 25 @ TBD - Cultural Days at the Fergus Grand Theatre

The Fergus Grand Theatre is presenting its annual Cultural Days Celebration, hosting three free shows on September 25. I'm pleased to share that I will perform at one of the shows. Make sure to follow me on Twitter for up-to-date announcements.

Each of the three Culture Days shows features half a dozen local artists performing a short fifteen-minute set. I believe they are still looking for additional guests. Check out the Fergus Grand Theatre Facebook for more info.

The Fergus Grand Theatre will also be the venue for our mainstage events for the Ontario OWOW Magic Festival!

OWOW Magic Festival Returns

I'm pleased to announce the OWOW Magic Festival returns to the Fergus Grand Theatre for two shows, plus events in Elora & Fergus, Ontario, throughout October.

Monster Month
OWOW Magic Festival events during Monster Month

Elora and Fergus are two communities nestled along a stunning stretch of the Grand River with 80ft limestone cliffs, trails and culture. During October, one of the area's most prominent festivals celebrates an entire month of Halloween called Monster Month.

Nearly 100 lantern monsters overtake the village of Elora and illuminate what makes Centre Wellington unique, its artistic culture.

The OWOW Magic Festival continues into its fourth year with many ways to have your mind blown and catch a monster or two. A perfect day outing to one of Ontario's premier Halloween destinations.

Did you know Elora is also home to the Canadian Association of Magicians?

Upcoming OWOW Magic Festival Events

Here are the Ontario OWOW Magic Festival's October events in Centre Wellington.

October 4 (Private) OWOW Magic Festival Secrets

The OWOW Magic Festival kicks off the 2022 festival with an event called Secrets at the Elora Distilling Company. Invitations are being sent out!

October 15 at 2 PM: Family Magic Show Matinee

What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than with your family, watching fantastic magic?

You are invited to join us at the Fergus Grand Theatre on October 15 at 2 pm for a family-friendly magic show that will surely delight both young and old alike! Our talented Ontario magicians will perform a one-hour show that will leave you in awe. Don't miss out on the magic!

Family Magic Show Matinee

  • October 15 at 2 pm

  • Fergus Grand Theatre

  • 1hr Show

  • Kids $10 Adults $15

October 15 at 8 PM: Tricks & Other Mysteries

Celebrate the mysterious art of magic this Halloween at the Fergus Grand Theatre!

Ontario OWOW Magic Festival is proud to present Tricks & Other Mysteries, an evening of mind-blowing magic featuring world-acclaimed magicians as seen on Penn & Teller Fool Us, America's Got Talent, and more!

Tricks & Other Mysteries is a must-see evening of spectacular entertainment hosted by Ryan Joyce and surprise magical guests. From mind-reading to sleight of hand, these magicians will bring the house down with incredible tricks and illusions. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind evening—grab your tickets now before they sell out!

Tricks & Other Mysteries:

  • October 15 at 8 pm

  • Fergus Grand Theatre

  • Tickets are $30

October 22 at 7 PM: Ryan Joyce at the Elora Distilling Company

I'll return to the Elora Distilling Company for an intimate live performance in the Royal Room. Limited to only 45 adult guests. Join me for magic, mystery and some acclaimed spirits. Get Tickets Here.

Come celebrate magic with us this fall at the OWOW Magic Festival! You don't want to miss it!

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