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Corporate Magician Dazzles Toronto Event Planners BIGGEST Night of the Year (Case Study: MPI)

Who is trusted to entertain Toronto event planners at their biggest night of the year? I know the guy :)

A corporate awards ceremony with the words "Entertaining Toronto Event Planners"
I had the priviledge of entertaining at Toronto event planners biggest night of the year.

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On the biggest night of the year for Southern Ontario event planners I was asked to entertain and host their annual awards gala.

This was a night of recognition for those who organized the biggest events in the GTA.

I'll cover the biggest takeaways and share how an experienced magician can transform your Toronto corporate event into an unforgettable spectacle.

Event Planning Takeaways

  • Customization is Key - Tailor the magic show to fit the theme and audience of your corporate event, ensuring a memorable and engaging experience.

  • Video Integration is Critical for Large Events - in order for everyone to stay engaged, they cannot struggle to see presenters, speakers and entertainment.

  • Interactive Engagement - Incorporate audience participation to enhance the event's impact and enjoyment, making it more personal and impactful.

Collaboration is also key. My team worked closely to ensure seamless integration into the event's flow and met all logistical needs.

This client case study showcases the unique challenges of dazzling the dazzlers at the most prestigious nights for event planners in Ontario.

Let's take a look!

Illusionist Ryan Joyce levitates his magician assistant
An illusion show can deliver the ultimate WOW for your corporate event.


The Biggest Night of the Year for Toronto Corporate Event Planners

Imagine an awards night dedicated to the unsung heroes of the corporate world: event planners.

This special evening celebrated their relentless dedication, innovative ideas, and the often-overlooked hard work that goes into creating memorable events.

I was asked to entertain with a full-production illusion show and host the MPI Toronto Chapter Awards Gala.

Let's take a look at the event's theme and big-picture details.


About the Event

The task was to transform the Sheraton Hotel Toronto (2) into a Las Vegas-style showroom with a mystical vibe, perfectly aligning with the event's theme, "Reveal the Magic."

The décor echoed an 'Illusionist' vibe, with majestic colours of purple, silver, and black setting the stage for an enchanting evening.

Here's how the wide conference room was arranged:

a graphic of the layout of a corporate event at the Sheraton Conference Centre Downtown Toronto
How the room was laid out at the Sheraton Conference Center Downtown Toronto

The client was no stranger to managing large-scale Toronto events.


The Client: MPI Toronto Chapter

This was both a fantastic and high-pressure event!


The MPI Toronto Chapter (1) is the largest association of event professionals spanning Niagara Falls, Hamilton, GTA, Mississauga, and Kitchener-Waterloo.

Logo for the Toronto Event Planners Association called MPI

This event underscored the unique challenge (and privilege) of showcasing our corporate magic services to individuals who set the gold standard for events across Southern Ontario.

Since 1978, the MPI Toronto Chapter has dedicated itself to the empowerment and success of its members within the meeting and event community.

For more information, visit their website at MPI Toronto Chapter.

I was asked to be both the featured mainstage entertainment AND host the evening as emcee.




We began working with the award gala organizers months in advance to ensure that all the entertainment went smoothly.

Let's take a look at the event services we provided.


Services Rendered:

My team and I were tasked with a thrilling challenge: to produce a 45-minute corporate illusion show and act as master of ceremonies.

Here's a breakdown of the event services:

  • 45 min Magic & Illusion Show - Provide headlining, mainstage event entertainment.

  • EMCEE - Engaging and charismatic event Master of Ceremonies and event hosting.

  • Customized Content - Bespoke content with the event theme and MPI brand to build excitement for the audience.

  • Audience Interaction - Interactive segments ensure audience participation and unforgettable moments.

  • Event Collaboration - Close coordination with MPI Award Gala event planners, Toronto Sheraton Conference Venue, and AV Canada Production.

  • Magical Atmosphere - Creating an enchanting environment that captivates and amazes guests from start to finish.

  • Professional Execution - Meticulous planning and execution, ensuring a flawless performance.

The event had over 500 members, spouses, sponsors, and service providers in attendance, and the evening went off without a hitch.

Magician Ryan Joyce on stage making his assistant vanish
The event theme "Reveal the Magic" at the Downtown Sheraton with Ryan Joyce as host and headliner.

Captivating a large conference room like this is aided significantly by one powerful tool heavily integrated into the event: video.


How To Maximize Engagement at Conference Events:

One of the most challenging aspects of hosting events in conference centers is visibility.

If an attendee struggles to see what's happening, they'll disconnect.

That's why integrating video into large events is critical.

Event Video Integration

The event seamlessly integrated video with two large screens on the left and right of the stage and a large television centre stage.

The room contained three broadcast cameras and one jib arm for audience sweeps and closer stage shots.

Everyone in the room, regardless of where they are seated could easily see all the action, presenters, and entertainment without struggling.

This is vital.

Portable staging, lighting, and a quality sound system are critical, but video projection is essential to maximizing attention.

Especially at one-level conference centres and banquet halls.

The result was an electrifying reaction of gasps of amazement, rounds of applause, and energy throughout the evening.


Two Roles: Featured Entertainer and Emcee

The two-hour event honoured Toronto's best and most recognized events, planners, and outstanding contributions.

It also proceeded with mingling and celebration.

I had the honour of providing the 45-minute mainstage banquet show entertainment and introducing many of the guests, presenters, and awards.

This dual role as performer and master of ceremonies allowed me to connect more deeply with the audience, making the experience more intimate and memorable.


Reflections and Takeaways

The outcome?

A seamless integration of magic, hosting, and event collaboration that left a lasting impression.

This experience reinforced a crucial lesson: the power of customization in entertainment and corporate entertainment.

Magicians can add WOW to an event in a way that most background entertainment cannot.

Tailoring content to your audience enhances engagement and creates a unique, unforgettable atmosphere.


Closing Remarks:

The MPI Toronto Chapter Awards Gala was more than just a "gig" for me; it was a testament to the magic that happens when creativity meets meticulous planning.

It was a wonderful night and an opportunity to dazzle the top event planners in Southern Ontario.

As event entertainers, our goal is to create moments that linger long after the lights go down, and this night was a shining example of that.



That's It:

I hope this journey through the magical evening at the MPI Toronto Chapter Awards Gala inspired you.

If this post has helped you, please hit the heart ♥️ button and share your thoughts in the comments below.


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