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Here's 6 backstage moments on a magician tour

Come on tour with a magician and team as they tour Ontario. Watch these unique characters and the random acts of magic they discover along the way. Touring Tricks with magician Ryan Joyce. Watch all 6 below:

A lot of things happen on a tour. These are just a few of the moments we happened to be filming. The Ontario tour was incredible and we want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting! We nearly sold-out every show!

As a touring illusion show we travel with a ton of gear. The team consists of a Magician, Magic Partner, Stage Manager, Audio Engineer, & Videographer. The majority of us are magicians, so we don't hide that from the audience.

In fact, everyone gets a moment in the show. Let me share a few moments of randomness and introduce to the team!

Magician and a magical team, backstage before a show.
Ryan Joyce, Graeme Reed, Peter Mennie, Will Smith, Jenna Oxley

1. Magican's Flossing

I must admit, I have no idea how to floss and that becomes very clear if you watch the video below. It's addicting and fun and I'm embarrassingly terrible at it. We all took a stab at it here. Who's the winner? I think it's clear.

Graemazing can't help but floss everywhere.

Here's a proper tutorial and technique. Not that I've been practicing.

2. Creeping the audience

Some performers want to see the audience before a show, some don't. I definitely do, but I have an agenda.

When I'm in a theatre where we can see the audience, I always peak. I'm curious of course, but I also want to try and see if there are audience members I think might become good volunteers. Trying to avoid those who appear naturally shy and intimated.

On tour we run a bunch of video so we always have the opportunity. In Owen Sound, we have a very clear access to see a sold-out crowd. Thanks for coming!

3. Backstage Card Tricks

Performing a new piece of magic is stressful. There are lot of things usually happening at the same time, and one of those has to be your words.

When you script magic, you make presumptions for where you think the audience will respond. I refer to those moments as punctuation points.

Showmanship is knowing when to add an exclamation point.

Since the team is all magicians, we work all the parts. Graeme runs the screens and video but he's also a good friend and magician. Here Graeme is trying a new card trick out in front of an audience for the first time.

Way to go Graeme!

4. Isn't this how all magician's get warmed up?

Backstage and dressing room time is important. It's time to get into the vibe of the show. How do most magicians get warmed up for a show? I have no idea. But this is how we decided to get warmed up.

Jenna is a doll. We have a ton of fun together and she's sure patient to work with a bunch of us weirdo magicians. I think she fits in quiet well, I think she'd agree.

Here we are backstage in Belleville. Having fun and getting into 'show mode'.

Magician Ryan Joyce in Belleville after a show with a good friend
I <3 this gal!

I'm super blessed that this lovely lady comes out and supports us every year. This my dear friend Ang. :) Thanks soooo much for your all your love and support!

5. Restaurant Card Tricks

After the show is two things. Exhaustion and hunger. As I get older (and a morning person) exhaustion has been winning a lot more.

The first day of tour is always intense. What you might not realize is that by the time the audience arrives the first show, we've already moved a house, twice.

Into the truck and into the theatre.

After the show we can unwind, discuss the show and changes and all of us being magicians magic tricks are bound to happen. (NOTE: Audio wizard, Will Smith isn't necessarily a magician, but his talents are magical to me)

Peter is a long-time friend and he's been a full time magician for over 30 years. He's a time-tested pro and doubles as Stage Manager for us on the tour. The stage manager essentially makes sure the show runs smoothly, regardless of our location.

On this tour we played everything from high schools, theatres and gymnasiums.

Here we are after a wonderful show in Peterborough and Peter's entertaining a new friend.

6. Peter discovers a piano

These 20 seconds caused a ton of hilarity. It shows you what a random bunch of characters make up the team. It starts with Peter discovering a random Piano in the dressing rooms of the Showplace Performance Centre in Peterborough.

This a theatre I've been coming to for 15 years. As team, we started to really find ourselves in Peterborough-- there are a lot of moving parts touring a magic show.

Magic is in the details.

This theatre is stunning. Here's our view:

As the audience walks in we play music and keep them entertained. My playlist hasn't changed in probably 5 years. It's intentionally on my behalf, I like the familiarity backstage. That's my preface for this completely random moment.

Jenna joins in perfect harmony to my crazy-- dancing ensues.

Dancing always ensues.

I can't tell you how much laughter this stupid video gave us.

A great tour, great memories and amazing friends. Thanks to everyone who came out! Did you see the show? Let me know in the comments below what city.

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