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WATCH: Man reflects on a New Years resolution made a lifetime ago.

Are you going to push yourself to achieve any goals or resolutions this year? It all boils down to those three letters, try, Is this your year?

A motivation short film from Ryan Joyce, magician and filmmaker. A reminder to try.

This video has gone viral on YouTube and Facebook and it's been a few years since I made it. It's also one of the rare video's I'll add to the show when I tour or do longer full length theatre shows.

It's a different feeling sharing your hard work with others. Especially a few thousand people at the same time. And, whatever that feeling is-- is the reason I'm glad your here reading this today.

Thinking about something difficult in 2019? Try.

Maybe you should.

WATCH: "Puppy Magic" Here is a video that will make you happy

Filmed in Centre Wellington. Are you from there too?


Happy New Years, wishing you all a year of health, happiness and wonder.

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