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Hiring an Illusionist: Essential Show Info for Event Planners

Elevate your event with an illusionist! Discover the secrets to hosting a spellbinding spectacle.

an illusionist on stage with blue smoke all around and the words "Hiring an Illusionist"
An illusionist presents the largest-scale of all magic shows. Here's everything you need to know about hiring an illusionist.

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Our exclusive guide for event planners reveals the secrets and offers essential tips on booking an illusionist's show that will leave your guests spellbound.

Takeaways for Event Planners:

  • High-Energy Entertainment Value- Illusion shows are designed to energize and captivate audiences. Every performance is packed with grand illusions, comedy, and audience interaction.

  • Tailored Experiences for Every Event - Whether a corporate gathering, a special banquet, or a large conference, I adapt my shows to meet your event's specific needs and themes.

  • Professionalism and Ease of Planning: From the initial consultation to the final execution, we ensure your event entertainment is stress-free and spectacular.

Get ready to elevate your next event!

Illusionist Ryan Joyce levitating his assistant
An illusion show is the most visually captivating of all magic shows.


What is an Illusionist?

Imagine an event where the impossible becomes possible, where your guests are not just spectators but part of a mesmerizing journey into the world of magic.

Welcome to the realm of illusionists and illusion shows.

An illusion show is a spectacle in which high-energy illusions, comedy, and mentalism combine to create an unforgettable experience.

An illusionist is a performer who specializes in creating large-scale, visually stunning tricks that defy logical explanation. These tricks often involve props and higher production setups to astonish and captivate large audiences.

Ryan Joyce presents the fastest illusion in the world in Toronto, Ontario.

What's the difference?

Event planners should understand the difference between magicians and illusionists to choose the right entertainment for the event, which should align with its scale and audience expectations.

Magicians are versatile performers who excel in close-up magic and banquet show performances.

Ryan Joyce on tour performing "Rite of Passage" in Hamilton, Ontario.

Illusionists specialize in grand-scale performances that involve large illusions (e.g., levitation, sawing a person in half, etc.); an illusion show is often ideal for large corporate events, conferences, and special live events but at a higher expense.

In this guide, we'll peel back the curtain to reveal the magic behind these grand productions and how they can transform your next event into a talk-of-the-town extravaganza.

Get ready to be enchanted!


Hire an Illusionist

As someone dedicated almost three decades to producing and performing live events, I’ve had the honour of performing in theatres and live event centres Canada-wide.

With over 6,000+ shows worldwide, I know a thing or two about creating moments that captivate and truly astonish.

Here's my appearance on Penn & Teller's Fool Us in Las Vegas, Nevada

Today, I’m excited to share the magic behind my favourite type of show to perform because of its high impact on an audience: an illusion show.

If you're looking to hire main-stage entertainment for your upcoming event, this might be the missing piece your high-profile event has been searching for.


Why Choose an Illusion Show for Your Event

Let's dive right into what makes an illusion show stand out.

Illusionist Ryan Joyce appearing to walk through a piece of steel
Illusionists are a great choice for high-profile events that need to WOW!

Imagine not just magic but a grand-scale production where comedy, mentalism, audience interaction, and breathtaking stage illusions combine to create an experience unlike any other.

This is where the boundaries of reality blur, and your guests are transported to a world of wonder and excitement.

By incorporating elements of corporate event entertainment into my shows, I ensure that every performance is tailored to engage and mesmerize your audience, no matter the setting.


Who Am I?

Now, you might be wondering, who exactly is Ryan Joyce?

Illusionist Ryan Joyce sitting on stage in an empty theatre
Magician & Illusionist Ryan Joyce on stage

Well, I'm a magician who has spent 13 years touring across Canada, from Toronto to Vancouver, and appearing on shows like Penn & Teller's Fool Us and Canada's Got Talent.

My passion lies in bringing the impossible to life, creating a shared experience that ignites the imagination of every audience member.

Whether performing in a theatre or adapting my show for a corporate event or conference centre, I pride myself on delivering a performance that’s both intimate and spectacular.

Learn more about Ryan Joyce here.


Benefits of Booking an Illusionist

Opting for one of my illusion shows means giving your guests more than just entertainment; you're offering them an adventure.

With a mix of close-up magic, mentalism, and high-energy stage illusions, I aim to leave your guests in awe, providing a topic of conversation long after the event has ended.

Here's a look at some of the major benefits of booking an illusionist:

  • Elevates Event Prestige: Hosting a full-production illusion show significantly enhances your event's perceived value and prestige, making it a standout and memorable experience for attendees.

  • Engages and Captivates Audiences: These shows combine high-energy illusions, comedy, and audience interaction to engage and captivate guests from start to finish, ensuring a lively and entertained audience of 100 to 10,000 people.

  • Offers a Unique Entertainment Option: Unlike common event entertainment choices, a full-production illusion show provides a unique and novel experience that differentiates your event and makes it unforgettable.

  • Adaptable to Various Event Types: Whether it's a corporate event, a special gala, or a large conference, full-production illusion shows can be customized and scaled to fit the specific needs and themes of any event.

  • Professional and Hassle-Free Execution: With experienced illusionists and production teams, these shows ensure professional execution, minimizing the stress and workload on event planners.

  • Enhances Event Theme and Atmosphere: A full-production illusion show can enhance your event's overall theme and atmosphere, adding an element of wonder and excitement that complements the occasion.

  • Creates Memorable Moments: The spectacular nature of illusions, from levitation to disappearing acts, creates memorable moments that attendees will talk about long after the event.

  • Encourages Social Sharing: The visually stunning and surprising elements of an illusion show encourage attendees to share their experiences on social media, providing additional exposure for the event.

  • High Production Value: Full-production illusion shows come with state-of-the-art lighting, sound, and visual effects, adding a high production value that elevates the overall quality and experience of the event.

  • Supports Audience Participation: Many illusion shows incorporate audience participation, making guests feel like an integral part of the performance and enhancing their overall event experience.

In the realm of high-profile events, delivering this kind of memorable experience is what sets us apart.


Technical Requirements

I understand that the thought of hosting an illusion show might seem daunting, particularly with the technical and spatial considerations it entails.

But worry not!

An illusion show can accommodate various venues, from convention halls to performance arts centers.

For over a decade, we toured our illusion show to over 100+ towns and cities across Canada-- from high schools to banquet halls and arenas.

Timelapse of our touring show setting up in an arena in Fort McMurray, Alberta

Basic Technical Requirements

Here are the basic technical requirements to ensure a seamless and spectacular performance:

  • Staging: An elevated stage is required for audience visibility, with a minimum size of 16 feet deep by 20 feet wide.

  • Curtained Off Areas: Space on both the right and left should be curtained off to hold props and equipment discreetly, allowing for smooth transitions and setups during the show.

  • Basic Sound System: A sound system capable of filling the room is essential, along with inputs for two microphones and computer audio.

  • Video Projector: The show heavily integrates video elements, necessitating a high-quality video projector and screen setup to complement the performance and engage the audience visually.

  • Suitable Lighting: Depending on the event's scale and budget, lighting can range from a basic wash to advanced theatrical lighting.

We can provide all the necessary technical gear and a professional team for setup, ensuring that the technical aspects of the show are handled efficiently and to the highest standards.

This includes managing the staging, sound, video, and lighting requirements, allowing event planners to focus on other aspects of the event.

Illusionist Ryan Joyce presents the most famous illusion in history.

I’m here to guide you through every step of the way. I've gathered a wealth of information on hiring a magician and everything you need to know, designed to streamline the process and ensure your event’s success.


Unparalleled Experience

Here is a partial list of Ontario theatres we've headlined:

  • Toronto Metropolitan Theatre (Toronto, Ontario)

  • Metro Toronto Convention Centre (Toronto, Ontario)

  • FirstOntario Concert Hall - Hamilton Place (Hamilton, Ontario)

  • McIntrye Performance Arts Cente (Hamilton, Ontario)

  • The Sanderson Centre (Brantford, Ontario)

  • Centre in the Square (Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario)

  • Niagara Falls Performance Arts Centre (Niagara Falls, Ontario)

  • Centennial Hall (London, Ontario)

  • Fergus Grand Theatre (Fergus, Ontario)

  • Showplace Theatre (Peterborough, Ontario)

  • Kiwanis Theatre (Chatham, Ontario)

  • Capitol Centre (North Bay, Ontario)

  • Capitol Theatre (Windsor, Ontario)

  • Thunder Bay Community Auditorium (Thunder Bay, Ontario)

  • and many more!


Customizing Your Magical Experience

My shows are as versatile as they are dynamic.

Whether you're looking for close-up magic that adds a personal touch to your gathering or a banquet magic show that becomes the highlight of your company’s special night, I offer a range of options to suit your event's unique needs.

It's all about crafting that perfect blend of mystery, laughter, and engagement to wow your guests.


Let's Create Something Magical

Are you ready to bring the unparalleled excitement of a Ryan Joyce illusion show to your next event?

Together, we can create an experience that transcends the ordinary, turning your gathering into a magical spectacle that will be remembered for years.

I'm here as a performer and your partner in making magic happen.

Let's work together to make your event spectacular, from the initial planning stages to the final applause.


That's it!

Thank you for considering me for your entertainment needs.

I'd love to hear from you if you’re as thrilled as I am about the possibility of working together.

Let's chat about how we can make your event the talk of the town.

And hey, don’t forget to hit that heart button and share your thoughts below. I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

Here’s to creating magic together! 🎩✨


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