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Fergus, ON-- Be part of something incredible

Just a few days before I was set to perform at the Fergus Grand Theatre last year  (a show that raised 11K dollars for the new hospital thanks to the Fergus Lions Club) I took a bit of gamble.

The Fergus Grand Theatre had some availability and I was home from the cruise ship so I brought a world-famous magician to Fergus and we filmed our first Magician’s Masterclass.  It’s something I’m really proud of and I am working towards filming with a regular shooting schedule.

Magician’s Masterclass is pretty unique, but it’s only exciting if you’re a magician.

That’s where Live at the Grand was born.  The goal of Live at the Grand is to reach all corners of the community.  In brief: I’m bringing world-class variety entertainers here and filming a show for distribution.

But I need an audience.

Here’s my proposal– the show will be free but in order to attend you must eat at a local restaurant.

Your dinner ticket becomes your show ticket.

We’re ready to begin our first effort.  We are about to firm our first date (scheduling with busy entertainers and my schedule is difficult) but it looks like March could be our first live taping at the Fergus Grand Theatre.  Between now and March we want to film a few segments at local restaurants.

All of this needs your support.  You can help by spreading the world (only tell your cool friends ;p ) tell your friends about it and tell them to subscribe for filming notices.  Sign up at

We also need restaurant support. We’re looking for filming locations that best demonstrate our historic community.  Full restaurant with paying customers, a few cameras and crew, and a world-class performer.  Restaurant owners email me here.


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