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Get this stunning collection of royalty-free stock photographs for magicians.  Stand out and book more shows.

Exclusive high quality photos for marketing, merch and social media.  Create stunning designs in seconds.  You won't find these anywhere else! 

The Mystic Pixel is a collection of over 1000+ stunning royalty-free images for magicians.  Photographed & edited by Ryan Joyce*

*A professional magician

Drag and drop.

After years of searching for good quality photographs of magic, I hated everything and decided to photograph my own. 

Over the years the collection grew to over a 1000+ stock photographs and backgrounds I could literally drag and drop into anything, from swag to websites and business cards to tickets.  

You're going to use these all the time!


Grab attention with a photo that stands out!

Background Images

Sometimes all you need is a pretty picture, behind ugly text.


Apparently, I'm ugly text.


Featured Images

The hero shot.  One image is sometimes all you need to stand out and grab attention.


PNG Graphics

Transparent images and graphics cut out from the background.  This is one of the elements that make this collection so unique.  Drag and drop these on any design.  

TIP: It's always a good idea to have a PNG of your logo.  Like this:


Questions for magicians who make money performing:

Should magicians have a brand?

Trick question.  You are already brand. As soon as you start offering yourself as a "service provider" you are a brand.  A brand is your public persona.  What you want to do is establish some basic rules and choices that visually represent your brand.  Fonts, colour choices, image selections etc.  A brand is a visual extension of your personality. 

Take control of your brand.  Should magicians have a logo is a completely different question....

Should Magicians have a logo? Tips on creating a logo for your magician business.

If you boiled a logo down in the tears of 1000 graphic designers, you realize a logo is the purest visual representation of you and your branding.  It tells the world who you are, visually.  Guess what? So does your name. 


If you're new to magic, choose a nice font and tweek the spacing.  Focus on booking as many shows as you can.  I've been performing for almost 20 years, my logo has changed 3 times. 


Don't rush into a logo, but makes sure your name looks nice on paper and the web and more important, it must be easy to read.


Tell people what you do right underneath your name, no need to be creative, be simple.  "Magician", "Magician for Birthday Parties!",  "Corporate Magician."

Looking for a starting point?Inspiration?

I use these photos, backgrounds and graphics all the time.  And so will you! 


I put the whole collection in a folder called "01_Toolkit" in my "Projects" folder on my hard drive. 


The toolkit folder contains all my magician business assets like logos, photographs, stock photos and resources.  It's the first place I go.  A starting point for your creativity.  The quality of stock photos available for magicians online are terrible (at best) This may be one of the reasons you've been struggling to put together marketing material.  This changes the game.

Time-tested advice if you're stuck.

There are two words in Show Business and if you want to succeed in the business you need to market yourself.  "Do or do not, there is no try." 


If you know what you need to do, but feel stuck-- ask yourself "What's the very first action?  What is the first step I need to take to move me forward, no matter how small?"


For many us, we know need to step up our marketing game.  All those shows means extra cash.  It's also the whole reason you got into magic, to perform


The first step often falls on creating something. An email, a headline, a blog post, or a business card. 

Define the very first step and take action!


One image can change everything.

You won't find these photographs on any other stock websites.

  • Gigantic folder of images in 13 categories.

  • 359 background images

  • 679 features images.

  • Multiple angles and perspectives.  Keep continuity across your branded material.

  • 60 PNG transparent alpha graphics to create unique designs.

  • Instant Download

  • 6.5 GB packaged nicely in category folders. Download all at once or separate zipped by category.

  • A million uses from social media to merch.  A toolkit of inspiration you'll use every time you start a project for your magic business.


System Specs


File Size:

Background Images

PNG Graphics

Featured Photographs


Sample Uses:

Mac and PC

Android or iPhone

JPEG, PNG Format

6.5 GB

1000+ Photos (backgrounds, featured images, and PNG cut-outs)












Show Business

Smoke & Lights

Sparks & Fire


Top Hats

Social media, posters, tickets, t-shirts, business cards, website, brochures, after-show merch, banners, email marketing, and more


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use these images in merch and swag?

Yup! You can include photographs from the collection in your merch and swag. You cannot re-sell the the collection or photos.

Are these photographs royalty-free?

Yeah! From social media to swag, you will find uses for these in you everyday biz needs. These are 100% royalty free which means no additional fees are required.

What is PNG? Aren't JPEG's good enough?

A PNG image has no background. It's transparent. You can drag images with transparent backgrounds over stuff to easily create unique designs. PNG's are awesome. Here is a good example. The hand has been "cut out" from the white background it was photographed on. Now we can drop any background behind it and voila!

How big is the collection? Dowload size?

The photos are really high quality-- that means they are large! The download is a massive 6.5gb. We've broken the collections into categories.

What restrictions?

No pornographic usage, no resale.