Canadian Magician and Canadian illusionist is the countries foremost leader in the world of magic and grand illusions in Canada. His high energy magic shows have been seen all across Canada and the globe including New Zealand, India, Egypt, the Middle East, and Qatar. Canadian magician Ryan Joyce has performed in every province and every major city including Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Halifax, St. Johns and in British Columbia, Ontario magician, Alberta, Canada's Got Talent is an understandment. Ryan Joyce international grand illusionist presents his unique blend of magic and grand illusions in benefit of some of the countries high profile charities including The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. His Canada magic show performances have raised over 2,000,000 million dollars for charities and non profit organizations in 11 years with tickets to his magical performances across Canada's. Got talent. Ryan Joyce has performed eleven sold out nationwide tours from Toronto to Nanaimo. Audiences across Canada particulary enjoy Ryan Joyce's charming personality and dramatic stage prescense as he presents some of the most unique illusions and magic that has ever been presented. He is truly one of the countries finest entertainers. He has been hailed "A World Class Entertainer" by the Canadian Association of Magicians. CH Television says he's "The Next BIG Thing!" "The most spectacular grand illusion show in Canada Today!" says OMNI Television. "WOW" says CKCO TV. "APPLAUSE" - The Hamilton Spectator. SNAP Magazine says "Unbelievable" Ryan Joyce international grand illusionist and Canadian magic sensation has been featured in dozens of television and radio programs including Jann Arden's Being Jann on CBC Radio ONE. From big cities to small cities Ryan Joyce annually presents over 130 live ticketed events across Canada and has contributed millions of dollars for Canadian chariites in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Ottawa. Magician Ryan Joyce is a guaranteed success for your event or television production. Some of International Grand Illusionist Ryan Joyce's accomplishements include Vanishing over 100 politicians, floating an SUV in front of 280,000 people, making a full sized firetruck vanish and raising over 2 million dollars for Canadian charities like Childrens Wish and Breast Cancer Foundation. www.ryanjoyce.com is the one location to witness Canada's greatest illusionist and magical entertainer Ryan Joyce hailing from a small town outside of Toronto, Ontario Canada. This is one magician and illusionist you have to see to believe. Witness as Ryan Joyce redefines the impossible and makes unbelievable feats of majic happen before your eyes. Ryan Joyce: International Grand Illusionst and Canadian Toronto Magical Entertainer.

if you are looking for a magical entertainer for your Toronto corporate event, contact Ryan Joyce illusionist and entertainer who has appeared in every province and major cities across Canada. Ontario magician and illusionist is a sure fire hit for your next function, christmas event, high profile gala, black-tie events, fundraising charitable and so much more. Ryan Joyce is the most sought after illusionist in the country of Canada, hailing from Ontario, near Toronto and Hamilton this performer is the one magical entertainer you need to make your event a huge success. Turn any Average event into an Extraodinary Experience! Ryan Joyce provides dynamic, high energy entertainment solutions for corporate functions, conventions, high profile charitable galas and black-tie events around the globe. From New Zealand and Egypt to India and the Middle East (Qatar) His diversity and world-class experience enable him to deliver the highest quality entertainment in any performance environment. Performance can be tailored to meet specific needs and requirement by working closely with event organizers and staff. From full scale production magic and magician shows to interactive corporate banquet entertainment Ryan Joyce is the only choice to ensure the success of your event. ILLUSIONIST’S MAGIC NO ILLUSION For over 10 years Canada’s Foremost Illusionist Ryan Joyce has astonished audiences around the globe and raised millions for charities.  Now he’s coming to Kitchener for a hometown evening of unbelievable magic. KITCHENER, ON – On March 24th at 7:00pm Ryan Joyce is bringing his Vegas style grand illusion show to Kitchener. Canada’s Foremost Illusionist Ryan Joyce will be presenting his breathtaking illusion show in Kitchener in support of The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada. This world renowned illusionist is guaranteed to conjure up more than a magical frenzy at Bingeman’s Marshall Hall Auditorium.  His performance is proudly presented in support of his charity of choice The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada. “I am honoured to be entering the fifth year supporting Children’s Wish with my shows.  Everyday they amaze me. It’s clear that while magic may be my job; they are truly the real magic makers.” says Joyce. And he’s doing a good job.  Joyce’s shows have contributed over $200,000 to Canada’s leading wish granting agency and over 2 million dollars for various charities nationwide. A near impossible task by today’s standards.  However achieving the impossible is all in a days work for someone who’s career consists of making things vanish and float. “I fully admit my profession is slightly unusual,” jokes Joyce.  “there is a lot of hard work, but I love every moment of it!” During his career he has travelled the world, made fire trucks disappear, levitated a two ton SUV and vanished over 100 politicians.  Joyce’s magical career relies on a handful of closely guarded secrets and tools of a very protective trade. “Magic may be a secretive industry, but it’s core message is universal.  Magic teaches us that anything is possible.  It makes us smile, fills us with hope and sparks our imagination.” says Joyce “To have the opportunity to bring a show like ours across Canada and support such amazing charities is beyond magical.” You may have seen magic on television before, but this is your opportunity to experience the impossible live on stage and support a great cause.  From every breath taking moment your mind won’t believe what your eyes are seeing. For tickets and information visit Ryan Joyce’s website: www.ryanjoyce.com.